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Waist and Server Aprons is proud to offer a superior selection of waist aprons ideal for waitresses and waiters, or anyone who needs to keep neat and clean while protecting their pants! Our affordable wholesale aprons come from names you know and trust for uncompromising quality, including Uncommon Threads and Fame Fabrics. An array of colors and prints are also available, making it easy to complement the colors of your establishment itself, table linens, staff uniforms, or simply personal preference. You can also incorporate different colors for different positions, making it easier for customers and coworkers to know who is in charge of what. Perhaps black will be the best choice for server aprons, red for bartender aprons and houndstooth for those wearing waist aprons in the kitchen? Whatever works best for you!

Our selection of Uncommon Threads aprons includes several popular styles to suit the needs of your staff. The longer 4-way waist aprons are a favorite of chefs and dishwashers, while the 2 and 3 pocket waist aprons are often preferred by waiters and waitresses who need to stash cash, pens and bill folders. There’s no such thing as a free hand when serving, and generously-sized, lie-flat pockets make for server aprons that function well without letting the contents easily fall. Consider the qualities that matter most for you and your staff, whether it’s the number of pockets or a soil release fabric. Then browse our full selection of wholesale aprons below to find the style that best meets your needs!

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