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Vinyl By-the-Roll Expression Series By Marko Vinyl Roll Goods

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Quantity1 - 23 - 56+
Price$419.95 ea.$407.95 ea.$384.95 ea.
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  • Care Instructions
  • Care Instructions

Beautify your home or food service business with Marko Vinyls! Maybe you’re in the market for an oval vinyl table cloth. Perhaps a vinyl lace table cloth will best fit your décor. Simply choose the pattern and color you prefer then customize the material to fit your needs!

  • All of our patterns of vinyl table linens are available in economical 53"-54" wide x 15-yard rolls (137 cm x 13.7 m). In other terms one roll will yield ten 52" x 52" (132 cm x 132 cm) table cloths. Simply cut the vinyl to the desired size; the edges will not unravel or curl. Rolls are made of ultra heavy 10 gauge flame retardant vinyl laminated to a plush polyester backing. Easy to care for with a wipeable surface!

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on table linens, napkins, table skirting and placemats. Please make sure you select the right size and color.

  • Lead time is approximately two weeks.
  • -Vinyl products are NOT machine washable.
  • -Wipe down with a soft, damp cloth or sponge and dry.
  • -To remove stains, rub gently with a mild non-abrasive cleaner and wipe down with soft sponge.
  • -For set stains, apply bleach to a paper towel and place over stains for 2 minutes, wipe down with sponge.
  • -If the stains persist, leave the towel on the stains overnight.
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