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Kitchen & Glass Towels, Bar Mops and Dish Cloths for Less!

There’s more to managing a restaurant or bar than ensuring the food is fresh, drinks are flowing, and orders are getting out on time. You also have to be prepared with the right supplies necessary to make these things happen cleanly and efficiently – among countless other things, of course! The essential supplies include absorbent terry cloth bar mops, which should always be at the ready for cleaning up drips and spills before they end up on patrons’ sleeves or the floor, and wholesale dish towels for the kitchen staff and bussers, who can easily work their way through dozens on a busy afternoon or night. offers bulk dish towels, bar towels, glass towels, dish cloths, wholesale pot holders and wholesale oven mitts at quantities to satisfy the needs of every size business. From small café-style startups that just need a dozen or two of each style, to large restaurants and bars that need hundreds of bar towels and bulk dish towels to carry them through the week, our quantity pricing provides a great low price for everyone, with even steeper discounts for more sizable orders. Unlike many competitors whose quantity discounts don’t kick in until you’ve reached an order size many restaurants and bars won’t ever hit, Kristen Chef sets quantity levels low enough that almost everyone can take advantage of these substantial price drops. In fact, for our wholesale dish towels and all the other kitchen and bar supplies below, the first quantity discount starts at just a dozen!

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