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Industrial Wear

As much as we all love scoring our favorite booth at our favorite restaurant, before we had that favorite booth, someone had to build it. And those someones were likely wearing industrial workwear every brick and nail along the way, including industrial work shirts, industrial work jackets, industrial coveralls and industrial work pants or shorts. If you thought Kristen Chef's focus was exclusively on chef coats, restaurant aprons and wholesale table linens, you were missing out on a whole other side of our personality! As much as we love finding and offering our customers the best in restaurant wear, there's always plenty of room on our shelves for industrial workwear that's designed for a hard day every day.

Our industrial work uniforms come from the names you know and trust; Red Kap, Dickies and Key Industries. Comfort and quality are at the foundation of every style, and they never come at the cost of a smart appearance. Whether you're working in the car shop or the wood shop, the proper fit in your industrial work shirts and work pants isn't only necessary for making a positive impression when dealing with customers, but can also be essential in keeping you safe. With all of that in mind, we offer our industrial workwear in a wide range of sizes. Like what you see but it's not exactly what you need? Give us a call and we'll do our best to find it for you. Our jobs might not require industrial work uniforms, but we aren't afraid to sweat a little to make our customers happy!

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