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Housekeeping and Maids Uniform Pants

Whether you work for a small bed and breakfast or a large hotel, housekeeping uniforms are essential for a professional appearance and a style that makes sense. While many motels, hotels and B&Bs still supply their maids with dresses, in many instances dresses simply aren't practical. Just as white nurse's dresses fell from fashion due to impracticality, so have maid's dresses, dependent upon a housekeeper's job requirements. In some smaller settings, dresses "still work for work" but often, housekeeper uniforms with pants are a more comfortable, practical pick. Especially when those pants are Uniform Works, Edwards Garment or Red Kap pants!

A lot of energy, bending, dusting and scrubbing goes into cleaning a room. Comfortable, yet polished housekeeping uniforms give your cleaning staff the necessary flexibility to do their job safely, whether they're changing sheets or cleaning a shower. For many tasks, dresses can compromise modesty, leaving maids struggling with their uniform when they really want to tackle the task at hand and move onto the next. Working pants into your housekeeping uniforms is not only a modern decision, but also a considerate one. And with the variety of pants offers, including Edwards Garment, Uniform Works and Red Kap pants in poplin, pincord and more, you can find the perfect color and style for your employees and your establishment.

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