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Fame Fabrics®

Looking to give your employees a freshened up look with Fame aprons and Fame Fabrics chef coats and pants? We don’t blame you one bit! In almost every industry, appearances matter, but looking clean and crisp is more important for some settings than others, including restaurants. Diners need to feel assured that they are enjoying a meal in a restaurant where hygiene is a top priority, and if servers and hostesses don’t uphold that tidy image, our natural inclination is to assume the kitchen is no better! Fame Fabrics makes it affordable and easy to keep plenty of spare wholesale aprons on hand. Spills and splashes are no longer a worry when the soiled apron can be swapped for a fresh one in an instant. The Fame Chef line from Fame Fabrics is also a popular pick, featuring chef coats and chef pants that are ready for the most rigorous dinner rush!

In addition to Fame aprons designed for restaurants, we also offer many other styles from Fame Fabrics lineup, including wholesale aprons ideal for cashiers, stockers, or any employee who can benefit from a little extra protection. In addition to keeping clothes clean, Fame aprons also make it easy for customers to identify employees in a busy setting, getting them the help they need quickly. Whatever your apron needs, and Fame Fabrics have you covered…literally!

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