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Edwards Garment

Among the most trusted names in high-quality, professional work uniforms, Edwards Garment clothing can be found working everywhere from hotels to the bank and back! From their wholesale oxford shirts, which are ideal for corporate settings, to their more casual, comfortable denim work shirts, suitable for a wide range of work environments, chances are good that you have interacted with more than one employee wearing a uniform from the Edwards Garment Company just going about your day!

Edwards Garment offers some of the most classic styles available in housekeeping uniforms and restaurant uniforms, but what really sets them apart from many competitors is their corporate lineup. Many businesses require that their employees wear uniforms to withhold a certain company image, or simply ensure that no one’s style of dress strays too far from standards they have set. However, these uniforms aren’t always immediately recognizable as such, as they appear to be clothes those employees might have purchased at a local department store. These can include wholesale oxford shirts, denim work shirts, twill button down shirts, chino pants and work skirts for women. The difference in styles from Edwards Garment as opposed to department store offerings is the wide array of cuts, sizes and colors at great prices. You can affordably offer all your employees the same great look, whether you’re shopping for a hotel, casino, car rental service, office setting, or just about anywhere!

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