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Bistro Style Aprons

Love the elegant look and extra protection bistro aprons provide? So do we! Bistro aprons aren’t as common a sight as shorter waist aprons, but their unique look is undeniably polished and professional. Whether you’re shopping for an upscale restaurant, or want to add an extra dash of class to your diner, our bistro aprons wholesale pricing will make it easy and affordable to update your staff’s uniforms.

Fabulous for the front of the house or the back, this longer, leaner style also makes a popular selection as chef aprons. On a busy Friday night, your chef doesn’t have time to slow down, and a few extra inches of apron can make all the difference in keeping her clothes clean and dry. Bistro aprons are also a favorite of cafes, bake shops, martini bars, and of course, bistros! We stock a stellar assortment to ensure you get the look, color and features that make sense for your establishment. Options include: patch pocket, one pocket, two pocket, reversible 3-pocket, pin stripe, chalk stripe and half aprons. And our bistro aprons wholesale pricing applies to each and every style we carry from Uncommon Threads, Fame Fabrics, Chef Works, Chef Designs and more!

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